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About Epoxy Paints



What is an epoxy paint?

A basic one or two-part formulation, which is thoroughly mixed just before use. Epoxy finishes are extremely hard and durable. They are excellent for demanding applications and protecting materials such as concrete floors, walls that require added durability, steel, aluminum, and fiber.


What is a polyester-epoxy paint?

These are two-component materials that are usually mixed prior to application. Polyester-epoxy combines and physical toughness, adhesion and chemical resistance of an epoxy with the color retention and permanent clarity of polyester. The film is stain resistant and moisture resistant.


What is an acrylic-epoxy paint?

A two-component coating that provides the resistance to staining, yellowing and scuffing of acrylic resins, combined with the toughness, acid and alkali resistance of epoxies. Their performance characteristics are almost equal to those of polyester-epoxy solvent-based products; their stain-resistance is superior.


What is a polyamide-epoxy paint?

A tough, two-component finish with outstanding hardness, abrasion resistance, alkali and acid resistance, and adhesion. It is excellent as a concrete floor finish.